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My husband and I had set up six interviews for realtors. Julia called in sick on the day we were interviewing and sent her daughter instead. My Husband and I were like, “No way. She’s not the one.” But Julia’s daughter, Dominique, also a realtor, came in for the interview and then proceeded to blow the competition out of the water. Julia and Dominique really wanted to work for us and they absolutely over-the-top knew more than anyone else we had interviewed. Almost like it was in their genetics. We didn’t know Julia personally yet, but her daughter sold us.

Here was our scenario: We needed to do a short sale on quite the fixer-upper. It was not pretty. But Dominique was so enthusiastic and seemed to GENUINLY love our property (a property that had the face only a mother could love) so much that we were as entertained as we were delighted. The attitude matters as much or more as the know-how, and Dominique had both.

We signed on with Julia and Dominque and then started working with Julia exclusively thereafter.

Julia works FAST. She misses nothing. I’m not sure if she eats or sleeps, ’cause like I said, she misses NOTHING. Fast and prompt with all advertising and lead follow up, as well as bank communications and paperwork (short sales are a b****!). Julia is honest, funny, and nutty enough to keep us smiling, but ALWAYS brilliant and professional. She is “Stealth Julia” all the way. She worries about every detail five times over so that I don’t have to. I would almost never know that she had other properties because of the amount of time she poured into our case. BUT she has lots of other deals going, so I think she is just super amazing…and maybe partially an android super computing system.

Long story short: Yes, Julia sold our home, AND got us the biggest relocation funds that our bank offered. It was not a cake walk for her, as the first sale fell through and the second sale was certainly challenging. But, she pulled it off.

Thank you Julia and Dominque team. Two thumbs waaaay up.

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